Princess by Peggy Bennett / Mommy

We got Princess when she was just barely 5 weeks old. She was the first dog that we had ever had as a family and we were all very excited about having her. She was always a delight to have around and on so many occasions we found ourselves laughing at her antics. We had nicknamed her “kangaroo” due to her jumping up on everything. She jumped higher than any other dog I’ve ever seen. She spent the first few weeks never leaving my side.

She quickly gained a spot in bed between my husband and I, right in the middle. We loved her so much that we decided to add another Min Pin to our family. Princess’ sister Daisy. Right from the start Princess acted motherly and where one was found you could bet there was the other. They were inseparable! They both made sure that whatever was happening, they were the center of attention. Soon Princess’ nicknamed changed to “houdini” since she could always find
a way to get out of the backyard.

Most times we were left puzzled when we found her barking at the front door waiting to be let inside. On July 9, 2007 she managed to play houdini once again. She got out of the backyard and took off playing with another dog. We found out later that morning that she had been hit by a car. Now our family is devastated. Her sister is devastated and lonely. And her “brother” Max (a Siberian Husky) is also devastated. We all miss her so much and don’t know how we will
go on day to day without her.

We just hope that she is happy and running free and waiting for the day when we will be together again. We love you girl. You will always be our little Princess!!!


With Love,
Peggy Bennett