In Loving Memory


" Princess "

"My Emptiness will Be Fullfilled Again someday"


Now that we're apart,

there's an empty void and hole in my heart.

I believe you've crossed "The Rainbow Bridge"

I have pictures of you all over even on the 'fridge.'

I can't dwell on the fact that you are no longer here,

so I try and keep your memories alive ever so near.

I choose not to give birth,

but you were my baby girl on this earth.

You would have been 14 in April of '98.

Yet I wonder if you know how much my heart stil does ache.

I've been blessed having you for such a long time.

I thank God to say for a while that you were mine.

You brightened all of my days.

You were so beautiful to me in each and every way.


I promise you that when our souls do come together again.

it will be forever so in time our hearts can finally mend.


Always in my Heart