PRINCESS MAGUIRE by Jeannie Maguire

A small, gray and white kitten (born in April per the Vet) appeared at the door on a dreary November night. From where she came we never knew but she had decided this was her new home. Accepted into a house that had not had a cat for 40 years, She acted like a Princess and so she was named though Princy became my nickname for her. She spent her early years being nursemaid to Velvet, the elderly dog who had allowed a cat to join her household. Then she enjoyed a few months of “retirement”” and the joy of being an only pet. One day a small golden puppy entered the house and her heart and she raised her Sandy as her own. Then came another older kitten, Cocoa, to raise, then a few years later another kitten, Magic. Sandy left her after only 4 years but another kitten, Starlite, joined her pride. Princess was a small cat and the kittens all grew larger but she ruled the house with an iron paw though little sister, Starlite, sometimes tested her. What Princess did was carefully watched and later copied by one or the other of the younger cats. Time passes fast and she was needed again as nursemaid but this time to her human parents. She would sit on top of her Mommy’s bed and supervise activities. Daddy was easier, all she had to do was lay in his lap or on the back of the chair.


Jeannie Maguire