Princess Pemberton by Natalie Pemberton / Your Family,
The Pembertons

Princess was mainly a one person dog
but she loved everyone family member.
She was loved dearly by every family member.
She was as my mom said,
“She’s not fat, she’s fluffy.”
We all knew that wasn’t true.
When we had to put her down my dad cried
(if my dad cried it must have been really hard)
I have only seen him cry once
in the 13 years of my life.
We all miss her very much.
This winter break was the worst one and
I think the whole family agrees with me on that.
I was 3 hours away when I found out
that my parents had to put her down.
I cried and cried for at least 3 hours straight.
I grew up with her since I was about 2 years old.
We all miss her dearly.


We love you Princess,
Princess Pemberton
Natalie Pemberton