Pryncess Luna by Tony, Keasha, Luis, and Aleasha Gonzales / Mommy

Pryncess came into our lives January 2, 2003. She was given to us by a friend of my husbands. He found her walking alongside the road and picked her up and brought her straight to us. I remember it like it was yesterday. My step-son, Luis, and I where in the office. My husbands friend came in and placed her in my arms. She looked like a big ball of fur. Tequila, our first dog, seen that her Mommy was holding someone else and she started jumping up. She wanted to see what I had in my arms.
I carefully put Pryncess on the floor. She was so scared to be in a place that was so unfamiliar to her. Tequila ran over and started smelling her and making all kinds of little doggy noises. Pryncess looked at Tequila and showed her teeth. She never growled. Tequila tried to play with her but Pryncess was in no mood to play.
I went into the kitchen to start dinner and Pryncess followed me. From that day on she followed me everywhere. Everyone who came to the house told us how beautiful she was and that she was the sweetest little dog they had ever seen. Pryncess loved my stepson, Luis, so much. She slept with him.

When he went out to ride his bike or play with friends she was right by his side. You never had to worry about Pryncess leaving the yard. She listened so well. She was always with me. Everytime I cried when I was upset about anything Pryncess was there. I can still see her now laying on her back while I would tickle her belly and both of her bottom paws would just quiver. She could give the best kisses. I remember her being with me when I was pregnant with my daughter, Aleasha. She would lay with her head on my stomach.
At times I had both Tequila and Pryncess laying on me. When Aleasha was finally born and we got to bring her home, Pryncess would lay in the nursery with the baby. She never got to close to her nor did she ever touch her but she would stay right with this new little person in her house. The last day I seen Pryncess I was in the house packing up some stuff. I new I had to go so that I could get some stuff unpacked and set up in our new house. I bent down and hugged Pryncess, gave her kiss on her nose and told her I would be back to get her.
I let her know that I loved her. I got in the car. When I looked in my rear view mirror Pryncess was following me. My dad, who her and Tequila was going to spend the next few days with, scooped her up in his arms so that she wouldn’t follow me. Little did I know that was going to be the last time I laid eyes on this precious little dog that I loved with all of my heart. The next day she was ran over by a dump truck that had came to fix my dad’s well pump. The man never seen her.
My dad tried to run to get her before it happened but he was just a few seconds late. Just as he bent down to grab her it happened. He said he just screamed NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! The man who was driving the truck got out and started crying. My dad picked up little Pryncess, cleaned her off, found a coffin like box and put her favorite pillow in it and placed her in. I never seen her. I never got to hold her in my arms to say goodbye before she was laid to rest.

Dear Pryncess,
I hope you know how much we love you and what you meant to all of us. I think about you everyday. You did not deserve to pass the way you did. I wish I could have been there to try and save you myself. I hope that one day you will find it in your heart to forgive me for not being there.
I love you with all of my heart.

Rest in peace angel!


With love always,
Pryncess Luna
Tony, Keasha, Luis, and Aleasha Gonzales