Pulid by The Gaw Family / Maddie


There once was a cat, Pulid was his name,
and as cats go he should be in the feline hall of fame.
He was a black and white short-hair who was tall and lean
and when he put his mind to it he could even walk
through a screen.
Always talkative with his meow or purr,
He constantly marked people and things by rubbing them against his fur.

No fear of new people, places, dogs, or even the vet,
this extaordinary fellow was one unique pet.
Although often he was just recently fed,
He had an insatiable desire to go hunting for bread.
He could open cabinets, cupboards, and even a bread box,
like a man on a mission, he was as sly as a fox.
An outdoorsman as well, this was one great hunting cat,
whose trophies included birds, snakes,
squirrels, voles, and even a bat.

An adept traveler, he was quite comfortable in the car,
He sometimes traveled outdoors, but never to far.
His personality curious, gentle, and calm,
He loved to be petted with a stroke of your palm.
We loved him dearly, this wonderful pet,
and I guarantee he is one cat we will never forget!


With All My Heart,
16, Sep 2002
The Gaw Family