Pumpkin by Linda Piccirilli / Mommy

Every morning I woke to the sound of your voice
Welcoming me into each new day
Mommy, I’m hungry

With sadness I left you
Worrying that you’d be lonesome
The long day ahead

But at night you’d meet me at the door
And tell me of all the things you did
Places you’d been

“Thank you for leaving that draw open,
The towels were so soft”
“I hope you don’t mind but I slept on the table,
The sun was so warm”

And at night you’d jump on the bed
And curl under my arm
You made the cold, dark nights
So much warmer

I wasn’t ready when you left
I wasn’t ready to face the lonely days
Knowing I’d come home to the quiet nights

The long, dark quiet nights

I still feel you under my arm
I still hear your pattering feet
I still see your beautiful face

In my heart
Where you’ll always be alive

God rest my little Punky


Always in My Thoughts
28, Aug 2004
Linda Piccirilli