Punkin Seed Case by Jeny Case / Mom

Punkin was brought into my life when I was 6. He was always my best friend. He was sick when he was born, and used up many of his lives. He slept with me with his head on my pillow for 18 years. Whenever I would cry he would kiss my tears away. When I moved away from my parents I took Punkin with me and he became more spoiled than ever. He was beyond just being a pet and at thid time I simply can not put into words how much he meant to me.

I will never forget him. About a month before he turned 18 I took him to the vet because he was losing weight and wasn’t eating. The vet told me it was kidney failure and I opted to put him to sleep because I couldn’t stand to see him suffer. My life feels empty now but I was lucky to have him. I told him I would never let go of him. I just hope he remembers me and the amount of love I have for him.

I know he’s healthy again with all the other friends he had in his life. I miss you so much buddy. Come back and visit, and remember you were the best friend I ever had.


Forever with you,
Punkin Seed Case
Jeny Case