Purring Lane’s Pumpkin by Lorie

You came to us a little guy
of only 8-months old~
We had a life for you with us
we treated you like gold.
We took you from a pet shoppe
and had you for 13 years~
You’ve been gone from us
for a little more than a year
but yet we are in tears!

We have another little kitty now
his name is Buddy B.~
But he will never replace you
~the kitty you were to me!
You had your own special ways
as any pets of ours do~
We just wish we could bring you back
and that you’d be good as new!

We still miss and think about you~
We have a beautiful flower garden
planted,and little statues of angels
to guard and guide you!

Lorie and Ed


Purring Lane's Pumpkin
8, Aug 2000