Quincy by Lisa and Donald Lupyan / Mommy and Daddy

Quincy came to us unexpectedly just as he died. My brother and sister bought him for my son for Christmas. We really weren’t looking for a dog but when I held him in my arms I fell in love. My husband and I quickly became his parents and we had his special love for ten great years.

Quincy was a little spitfire. His personality was one of a kind. Everyone in the neighborhood loved him. He would visit all of our neighbors (Who are mostly older couples) and sit with them on their porch. One older couple The Sheans had an older son in his 40’s who lived with them. Quincy really loved Kenny who he visited and look patiently for everyday. We left him roam free in the yard he never would run away or go on the road. If I couldn’t see him I would know he was with Kenny. We have four grown children who were very close to Quincy as well.

We are from Pittsburgh and when the Steelers played Quincy would have his Steeler scarf around his neck cheering them on. We loved him so much that when I would think of him passing away I would immediately break down. He died this Sunday peacefully while out in the yard. He wasn’t sick but he did have heart problems for several years. We will miss him and love him forever. He came into our lives so quickly without thought and he left just as quickly.
Mom and Dad love you, Quincy!!!


Always and forever,
Lisa and Donald Lupyan