" Radar "

1 / 17 / 80 ---- 3 / 9 / 98


By Sandy Zier-Teitler


You came into my life one winter's day

An ugly pup you were.

Your head twice the size as the rest of your body

But your spirit even then was true


Against my better judgment I took you as my own

A feeling I had of something special you held

You made everyone laugh with your antics

And all you ever wanted to do was please


You grew you learned you matured.

But there was always that special something

You smiled with your eyes so you could share your joy

At loving those around you.. and being loved in return.


Dog lovers knew you were special from the start

Dog "haters" saw within you the desire to please

And your willing them to love you regardless of your breed

You won and they did end up loving you.

You wrapped everyone around your little paw


"Grandmommy" came to visit on weekends so you wouldn't be alone

Then Grandmommy went to heaven.. and you said good-bye

In the only way a puppy can with kisses and tail wags


We grew together you and I

My life centered around you.

You were my best friend my confidante my companion

Your love was unconditional and true


"Daddy" came into our lives and you approved

For without your approval he would not have stayed

You taught Daddy how special he was to both of us

And you had another human to nurture and love


We have loved you and watched you get old

Your 18 years of life starting showing....

We began wondering if you'd be going to Rainbow Bridge

And we'd cry at the very thought.


But you showed us that life is about love

And love is about sacrifice for the good of another

You made our decision easier that night...

The decision to help you seek Rainbow Bridge.


For the next 36 hours we cried and we wept.

But most of all we loved you and cradled you

And made sure you knew we were there,

Just as you've been there for us for so long.


You're now at Rainbow Bridge

With Grandmommy and our other furry friends

Having a good time and looking back

Knowing we're missing you...


Wishing you were here.

But knowing you are in a better place.

Your spirit forever lives in our hearts

Your love forever present in our mind.