Rags by Michelle & Allana / Michelle and Allana

Rags was his name and he had SAS which is a heart problem that could not be fixed.

We knew he had this problem when he was 15 month old. The vet said he would be lucky to live to the age of 3 well he out lived this life by many years. January of 2006 he would have been 10.

He was a Newfoundland and we belong to a club that when they reach the age of 10 they get a living legend award, but it didn’t happen. He couldn’t hold on. In my mind and heart he was a living legend any way.

Before he passed we took him to vets because he just wasn’t acting right. the vet said he might have pneumonia. He had x-rays and so on.

After the visit from the vets we put him into the van and went home. I got out of the van to open up the house. Allana said come here, (to the van), I said what. She said I think he’s dead. So he went to the rainbow bridge on the way home from the vets.

We took him back to the vets so they could take care of him. now he sits on top of the entertainment center with the rest of our beloved animals. He was born on January 17, 1996 and passed away on December 5, 2005.

We will miss him very much, but I know he will greet us when it is our turn to go to the other side. So until then we will see you later. Your our boy!


5, Dec 2005
Michelle & Allana