Rags by Morgan Cole / Mommy

My Dearest Rags it was a year ago today that I had to make a difficult choice. And sadly I have yet to forgive myself. I have been constantly reassured that it was the right decision. But I guess I’m like the grieving mother whos heart is shattered by the loss of her “child.” I can only hope and pray that a beautiful soul like yours is free of pain and sightlessness.

Gosh it seems just like yesterday that my brother brought you home. Dirty, flea-ridden, hungry. But through that matted fur was a dog that I fell in love with. And who fell in love with me. To this day I always hear your cries as my parents were taking me to the airport. We humans did not know it would take two years for the house to sell. But you knew, huh? You knew it would be a long time before I’d have you in my arms again.
And now it looks as it will be even longer before I can hold you in my arms again. But until then my Sweet Love,continue playing in the grass, feel the gentle breeze running through your fur, see all of the beauty before you with your dark chocolate eyes and wait for me, for the day will come that we both cross “The Rainbow Bridge.


With My Love Always,
21, May 2002
Morgan Cole