Raindrop by Rebecca Johnson / your friends, and family

It was a rainy morning on May 5, 2001. A meow broke the yawns and groans. Dad went to the garage window, we all got up, even though we figured that it was another stray that got stuck. piercing green eyes caught our attention when dad opened the door and shooed him out, he went and ran off into the storm. a day later, he showed up again, this time by our rabbits, I, thinking he was up to know good, grabed the hose and gave him a spray. again he ran off. later on, as my dad had bussiness company over, one of the ladies did just what that darn cat wanted…picked him up. My dad knew that this practicly opened up hell’s gates (he wasn’t fond of cats) Now we started giving him fish sticks..(he only liked the outside) and a can of tuna fish. we made him a box outside away from sight (my dad would FREAK if he found out) and continued feeding him. My mom found out and gave him the name “Raindrop” because of two things
1 he had a raindrop on his nose
2 he “dropped” into our hearts when it was “raining”
We have many fond memories of that cat.. from the first and few times he paid a visit to the vet to the times when he dissapeared for days. now everywhere i look, i see him and his face..i can almost feel his fur giving me static shocks and how he loved that “velvet” beneth his ear scratched. i could go on and on telling you about him and how much i loved him. Eventually my dad even was caught petting him with his feet (he was terribly allergic to cats) and Raindrop would follow him when he went to dump the compost in the woods, hoping to catch a scrap of bone or egg. He won. We loved him. we even had a stuffed toy in his image and took countless photographs and some movies of him. He was the most spoiled barn cats you would ever meet. On sunday, we were gone the whole day and when we came back,..there he was waiting for us on the front porch. We didn’t get to play with him much because we had school the next day, so we gave him a quick pat and some food and headed inside. A few hours later, when we were about to get our teeth brushed, my dad came in with a grim look on his face. “you better get down on your knees for this, its gonna take some praying” Oh no i thought and said, Grampa died. No, Raindrop got hit by a car. we broke down and i didn’t go to school the next day. Everyone who met him loved him and has their own unique story about him. I know that he will be met by HIM himself and he will cross the rainbow bridge, with his tail raised up high and proud.


I love you so
Rebecca Johnson