Rainee by Sherri Brewer / Love,

Mama and Shayla

I remember on Rainees 3rd birthday,I decided to make her a birthday cake since I had never made one for her. Well, it was the cutest dog cake I had ever baked. I also decided on that day to make a chocolate brownie cake. Little did I know that Rainee would love our cake even after she ate her own little cake! We came home from a romantic dinner and their on the floor was my cake or what was left of my cake, and on the couch was my Rainee licking her paws as happy as good be. Well, you could imagine what came next.. she did not like it but the next time she thought about the cake and the ipecac. I did however find the chocolates for dogs and she loved them.


Sending Chocolates to my Rainee in Heaven,
Sherri Brewer