Rascal by Christie and Marissa / Mommy and Sissy

You made your mark, in my life and in my heart!

From the courage you showed being a feral and brought
into a home to helping Cookie
deliver her babies just a week
before having your own.

You will live on each one of those girls,
lovingly referred to as “Rascal’s Girls”!

I see you in each of them, their strength, their loving nature.
Cookie has finally come around,
I know you are a proud of her too.
Every time she lets me pet her and she starts to purr and
I think of you and how happy you are
that she isn’t outside alone.

I am mad that I only got those two months,
I feel gilded! I am, however happy
that you knew a full belly, warmth and love!
That you didn’t die a nameless feral
that would soon be forgotten
because you will NEVER be forgotten!

I thank you
for the gifts you left me….
China, Skipper, Keiley and Blossom!
I will keep them safe and
love until God brings us home to you!


Thank you for allowing me to love you.
Christie and Marissa