Rascal by Faye & Wendell / Mommy, Daddy and all of us that loved you

I cannot believe that so soon after putting a memorial page on this site for my beloved “Rockie”, that I am back just a few months later to dedicate a page to little Rascal. I bought little Rascal as a gift for my Mom for her Birthday 10 years ago, and never dreamed how that little dog would impact the life of my Mom and Dad. He became their “baby”. He dominated the house and became so protective of them, and them for him. Whenever they would travel little Rascal would go right along with them, romping in the grass, riding in his special place in my Dad’s truck. He loved company, and always stood looking out the window whenever my Mom or Dad said any of us were coming over.

Suddenly, Rascal became sick and it was found he had a tumor in his liver. We were all devastated, but nobody took the news worse than my parents. Medication was tried, but in the end my parents did the humane thing and ended his pain and had him put to sleep yesterday.

May you rest in peace Rascal, and know how much joy you brought to so many, you could not have been loved more. I hope you are having fun running in doggie heaven with Rockie.


With Love,
Faye & Wendell