Raven Quinci Brown by Janet’ Brown / Mommy, Grandmommy, Brandon, and Grandad

Raven Quinci came to us from the mountains of Tennessee, an all black cockapoo with lots of spunk. She was a great companion, super smart. She loved to chew ice and tear up paper.

We will never forget “Crazy Raven”.We will never forget when you were diagnosed with “brittle bones” and we went from seeing you jump to picking you up to take you down the stairs. If anything, our love grew deeper for you because you depended on us for so much. It’s ironic, the thing that we thought would take you, didn’t. Even though, no one knows what grabbed you that Saturday afternoon. What we do know is that you will be forever missed and although we will have other pets, EVERY dog will be compared to the one and only RAVEN QUINCI!!!! THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING US TO BE YOUR FAMILY


Raven Quinci Brown
Janet' Brown