Ray by Richard / Mom & Dad & Roger

When we First looked upon Ray he was the Smallest Guinea Pig in the Litter, But from that Moment he Already had a Special Place In our Hearts. We Brought him Home and he was named Ray from the BlockBuster Commercial with Guinea Pig Ray & Rabbit Carl. Our Ray is just as Comical as the one in the Commercial; His Antics of Sound & Movment Inspired us to Love him all the more. He Popcorn jumped, ran Around on the Floor; he Loved to eat like no other. He Weighed in a Whopping 3LB’s In less then a Year. His enjoyment of watching TV in our Laps not to mention that he was a Big Ham Infront of the Camera, & the Attention he Craved was never a problem he got that in spades. His favorite Foods was Grass, Lettuce, Chocolate, Apples, Carrots, And some times Icecream. But no matter how bad the day went Ray was always there to cheer us up and Put a Smile in our Hearts. We love you Ray & may the Angels Smile Upon you, as you smile Upon us.


All our love to Ray,