Reggie by Jack and Julie / Your Jack and Mommy

Hello my precious baby boy,

It has been over a week since we had to let you go and I can’t believe it is real. We have your picture everywhere- from the second I saw you and put you in a stocking on the Christmas tree, to our last wonderful hiking trip in Colorado, to our last trip to Minnesota. I want you to know that you were the strongest, bravest, smartest, sweetest, most delightful companion we have ever had in our lives. I savored every minute I spent with you and long for more. We tried so hard for more time- didn’t we? I wish I could get some more of those sweet kisses. We were together 24-7 the last few months, so everything I do seems vacant without you.

I hope you found Sheba, Benji, Buffett and all of our loved ones. Thankyou for singing to me, barking at the mailman, and giving me that last kiss. I know you didn’t feel well, but you still did. If I could have done more I would have. Reggie- you lived on love and we are the luckiest to have lived and loved you.

Please wait for us my tiny, tiny toots-
your sweet face is the first one
I want to see.


We love you more than life in the world,
Jack and Julie