REX by Gigi Pustizzi / Mommy & Daddy

Rex came to us for the first time as a little pup full of energy and love for people. He was the neighbor’s new dog. For five years, he lived in a pen in the neighbor’s yard, but whenever he escaped he was at our door. On a stormy summer nite, he moved into our house and our hearts. The neighbors moved away, but REX stayed with us for the next nine years. He always thought that every one was born to pet and rub him. He never even growled at anyone. He roamed our street every day stoppng to see each neighbor and their pets. He got along with every pet on the street. I love him and miss him so much, even though he was a Daddy’s boy. REX, may you rest in peace till we meet again.
I’m sure Mitt is taking care of you.


Love always and forever,
Gigi Pustizzi