Rex Krieger by Darl Krieger / Daddy

My friend you left so fast I never got a chance to say thank you or goodbye..I kissed you and told you I loved you the last time I saw you I’m thankful to God I got that. Thank you Rex for always being by my side you never left me alone and always looked for were happiest with one in my whole life ever just wanted to be by side all the time except you. Now you are gone I feel so lonely and alone without you we were a team..but mostly you were just my best friend. I will miss and love you everyday till God allows us to be together again.. You will always be alive in my heart…This tribute cannot make up for all you did for me in this life but it is all I can do for now Rest in peace friend you earned it and thank you God for putting Rex in my life


Your eternal best friend,
Rex Krieger
Darl Krieger