Riddick by Jack and Whitney / Mommy and Daddy

You were so scrawy little and white when Jack brought you home that night. I was skeptical about having a kitten around – I just had a baby. But when I looked into those startling white eyes of yours I knew you had to stay. Riddick became your name because of the science fiction action hero you so resembled in those fascinating eyes of yours.

You became my bud and my chore. You loved to snuggle on the couch. You would crawl underneath my wheelchair and sleep. You would crawl under the comforter of our bed and we would nearly crush you every time. You always let us know when you were hungry and you never let that food bowl be empty. You were so moody – one minute asking for love and attention and then next jumping off our lap offended we didn’t pet or scratch your chin they way you wanted us to. You hated to have your belly touched in anyway so we used to do it anyway to tease you. You loved to be outside despite the fact that you were supposed to be an indoor cat.

You outdoor curiosity was unfortunately your downfall. We don’t know how it happened or where you found it but that green liquid must have tasted sweet at the time but it was poison to your little body.

You died in the morning. I watched you take your last breath in this world with those beautiful white eyes looking up at me as if to say goodbye. Our time together was short but our love for you was so strong. I know we know we will see you again. Thank you for sticking around for those few days after you passed – I needed that. I still sometimes cry when I think of you.


With all our love that will last through eternity,
Jack and Whitney