Ringo by Chris



{Ringo Von Shadow}

July 11 1993 ----- January 27 2000



Dear Ringo

if GOD could please let you know that I am writing

this message just for you

that would make me feel a little bit better.

We all hope to see you soon

but until then we'll have to go without you.

Please come back to me.

I love you Ringo and I wanted to let you know

that I will always love you and

that I wanted to thank you for always being there

for me when I needed you

but to sad that we didn't

even get to hug each other good-bye.

I'm sitting here crying trying not to dissappoint

you please come back to me.

I need you Ringo.


Tears coursing down my cheeks

the pain is raw and deep.

Your memories are fresh and haunting

memories I'll always keep.


You never were just an animal

You were a pet relative and friend.

We are left with broken hearts

That I hope in time will mend.


You were so very sweet and preciuos

It is hard to say goodbye.

Your heart was filled with love for us

I can only think of you and cry.


The life we shared is over now

I will miss your sweet and loving face.

I have loved you so completely

none could ever take your place.


I firmly wipe the tears away

trying not to dwell upon this pain.

But you were so much a part of me

my life will never be the same.


Ringo you've left an empty place

If only you didn't have to die.

But I will always think of you

and never hurt and cry.


Your memory will never fade

my love for you will never cease.

You will always be in my heart

Farewell Ringo rest in peace.


love your owner

Chris Garcia

P.S. I will never forget you Ringo

I love you