Roc by Char Berry / CharBerry

I lost my beloved dog, Roc, on December 2, 2005. My heart is broken. We had been together for 15 yrs through thick and thin. When my ex-husband first brought him home, I still had a Cocker Spaniel that I’d had for nearly 18 yrs. I decided after “Ginger” was gone no more dogs, but of course, Roc, won my heart over from day one. It did make the passing of “Ginger” easier but nothing has been able to ease my grief over “Roc.”

He was an outlaw in the small town I used to live in and the topic of the city council meetings every month. He NEVER bit anyone but sure did like to chase people on bicycles. He was just so big and I guess scary to some, but my granddaughter slept beside him when she was little and rode his back like a horse in his younger days. I finally got tired of going to “Dog Court” every Monday morning and got him a good lawyer! He was on probation, (which he broke) and tried to take him away but I flat refused and drove him myself to the vet. He was to stay there 10 days but I went and got a court order to have him moved to my vet in the town I lived so I could be with him more. I’d go by in the morn, take him out at lunch, and see him in the afternoons leaving crying every day.

I’d tell him I was getting him out of that ol’ jail. Finally, my vet said “Just take the dog,” about the 7th day. We went back to court with him a lawyer, 2 pet pysh, 2 dog trainers, 2 vets, letters from my human resource director, and a petition with many of my neighbors signed saying he never caused them any problems. We won! Reason he got into so much trouble is because the city police had come to my house to talk to me about him getting out and while he was there, my dog opened the door, went out and got into his patrol car and turned the siren on! He wouldn’t get out either and this is a very small town (450) so everyone was coming out to see what was going on. Made the police man look like a fool (and he was). Also, he was trying to catch a fugitive on foot one day and the guy jumps over my fence to hide and Roc had him in a corner! Had to tell the police to come and pick up their fugitive. He was like famous in this small town. Hero or Outlaw. After I re-married and moved, he never had run in with the law. LOL.

I know he spent his last few years here very happy. Our home is on about an acre and my new husband had 3 dogs himself. They have a huge doggy door so could go in and out when they wanted. Roc had had problems with his knees and hip before and I took him to A&M (the best animal medical school) where he got a hip replacement. After that, he was fine for quite a while and when he passed, they said his hip still looked good. Old age and having a stroke is what caused his death.

I did everything in my power to keep him and was getting ready for him to have surgery and rehabilitation at home but when I went over to watch them do it, I got sooo mad and upset. The 2 that did it didn’t know what they were doing and I could tell he was in great pain. I told them to get the hell out of there! I laid on that concrete floor beside “my boy” and we talked for a long time. He told me he was tired and might have to leave me for a while.

I just held him and cried and cried. The next day we met with the best vets they had at A&M and the results were bleak. I told them to give me some time with Roc and we would decide. Same thing. He was ready to go to Rainbow Bridge. I was not ready for him to but knew I must do as he asked. I depended on that dog much, much more than he ever depended on me.

I stayed with “my boy” till the end, holding him, kissing his head, and telling him how very, very much momma loved him and that he was “my boy” and I’d love him forever and ever. I was so calm while stroking him and talking to him until he closed his big brown eyes. When I walked out of the room, I fainted. Then the tears started again. My wonderful husband was also crying like a baby. It was the worst day of my life.

I received a letter from the vet a few days later and she said she had never experienced the feeling of a human and an animal’s love to each other as much as she did that day. She wasn’t really supposed to tell me this but she did want me to know that I made the right decision. I didn’t make any decisions. Roc made them himself and
I had to do as he asked.

I have been so upset and miss him so much. Of course, I want to remember the many, many good times and all the stories about him but it will take some time. I know we spent at least 5,000 on that 50 buck dog but like my husband and I both agreed, we don’t regret a dime and would have depleted our life income to try and have saved him. He will always be in my heart and I will never love another animal the way I loved Roc. A piece of me is gone. But, when I awoke one cold, rainy morn, I felt almost good.

I could see “my boy” running in a field of green under a shiny bright sky and thought he doesn’t have to put up with this old cold weather that used to bother him. It gives me some comfort knowing
he is waiting for me.



He is waiting for me to cross Rainbow Bridge,
Char Berry