Rocco by Tarah / Love you forever Tarah …
your little girly f

My darling little Rocco … my little Roquita ….

Why did you have to leave me? You were the best dog that anyone could ever have!!!! and I love you so much and I will always love you. I wish that you could have lived longer … You were only a year and a half old and you have gone now … so close to Christmas … and I honestly do not know what I will do without you …. I keep thinking of you … and all the memories we shared … You you used to sleep on my bed … How I taught you to roll over and
climb down the stairs ….

The very first time I saw you … the first time I picked you up … how everytime I was sad you would come and give me a cuddle and cheer me up … and now I’m lost without you …. you shouldn’t have gone so early …. your death was an accident …. a waste of life …. and now you will never wake me up in the morning and you will not be there in the window waiting for me to come home … no more kisses … no more cuddles … no more running … no more fetch … no more barking and singing along with me when I played the flute … I keep thinking of the good times we had …
but why did you have to go???

You weren’t meant to …. your passing was an accident …I love you so much and now all I have left are pictures and memories but I thank God that you were mine … that I knew you … that you were my dog … see you one day in heaven … hope that you won’t have to wait too long for me!!!!!! Lots of kisses and cuddles ….. May they last you forever …. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


See you in heaven one day soon,
5, Dec 2005