Rocky by Bob James / Bob James

Rocky was my beloved pet toy poodle. He lived and worked with me for eight fun loving years. He was my constant companion. Rocky went to work with me most everyday and he loved people and life. He was a very obedient dog and loved to sit on top of my desk at work. He also had a companion Ginger my toy poodle female whom he love to play with and look out for. He was very protective of Ginger and I and was always on the job doing what good dogs are supposed to. He loved to chase squirrels and cats out of his yard not letting any strange critters come into his territory without his permission. Rocky died from complication of diabetes. A decease that my father and my sister died from. I also have diabetes and I am currently working with Baylor College of Medicine in a study to help find a cure for this deadly decease. This year I am going on a Walk for the cure of Diabetes and I am walking this year for Rocky. So Rocky you will never be forgotten and if there is a place for you in Heaven I sure you will be there.


With Love,
Bob James