Rocky by Jeff / Dad

Rocky, quite simply, you were my best friend. I have never met a dog with as much personality as you had. I will always remember how excited you would get when I asked you if you wanted to go bye-bye. You knew that meant that you and I were going to take a ride in the truck. I’d open the door and you would run right up to the truck door, just waiting for me to open it up so you could hop in. I’ll also remember that crazy howling you’d do. I guess you just wanted everybody to know you were here.

You were just a tiny little dog, but you were as brave as a lion. Whenever I’d drive up to the house, the first thing you’d do was scan the entire yard to make sure no intruders would harm me. If you saw even as much as a squirrel, you’d go chase it off. Moments later you would come running up to me excited that I was home. And I was just as excited to see you to.

When I had found that you passed away, I was so sad. I had not felt this way for such a long time. I had cried tears that I had not done for many years. I wished I had just one more year, one more week, one more day, even just one more minute to hold you and tell you how much I love you!

You have given me far more than I could ever give you. I will always remember you Rocky!


With the Greatet Love