In August of 1998 my husband and I decided to have another child. At that time we had an 8 year old boy. We decided to adopt a cat for him to give him someone of his own. As we walked thru the animal shelter, we came upon a gallery and as my son came to the last cage he turned to me and said he is the one. Rocky was just 10 weeks old when his little light drifted into our lives. The following April, we welcome our youngest son and no one more excited about the new baby than Rocky. He watched over him, he was a great companion for my oldest son as they romped around the house and when my yougest grew enough to romp around. He was always very gentle with the kids.

I can still hear his meows when were late with dinner. When I would get home you always there to greet me. I miss your pats so I would pet you. I miss you playing with my hair when it was wet. I can hear you jingling the doors trying to open the rooms. You never liked a closed room. I remember how mad I would get when you would chew any electrical cord. You would think after the first time that you burn the side of your face you have quit but you didn’t. I had to kitty proof the house for your cord addiction. You gave us 11 years and 7 months of laughter, love, warmth and joy. I will always miss you and love you. I wish I could had held you longer, but that would have been selffish as you were suffering with your illness.

I wish I could have done more maybe creating a miracle for you. Wait for me and keep watch over us. The time will come when we can all be together forever. I love you Rocky….miss you so much…..


With everlasting love,