ROCKY by Todd & Lisa Owens / Dad and Mom Owens

My Boy ROCKY…………

Well, it all started in 1991. At a local shopping mall and, lo and behold I saw this little black kitten in the front window.

At the time I had a black lab named Hondo.
Hondo had a white mark on his chest.

The kitten in the window had
the same white on his chest so I went in.

Well, As soon as I saw him and
saw his spitfire personality
I knew he was for me!

When I got him home Hondo was not
to pleased to have a brother!

As a kitten and before getting declawed he used to use Hondo’s nose as a scratching post. Hondo’s nose would get all scabbed up but, he would take like the good brother he was!

After Rocky had his front claws removed he walked up to Hondo and without hardly moving; Hondo hit his one paw with his paw and what a howl Rocky made at that. Payback time for Hondo!

Well; as time went on Rocky got a brother, Oscar who was another feline who I adopted as a stray.

They were at first like oil and water but,
ended up being very close!

Hondo passed in 2000 and I rescued
an older black lab named Pepper.

He was the most gentle lab I have ever seen. He did not have a mean bone in his body!!!!!

All the brothers were now confronted with a sister, Sidney who is a yellow female Lab.

Everyone got along wonderfully but, as fate would have it Oscar suddenly got sick and passed away in 2004.

The kids were all looking for Oscar but,
in time they formed a stronger bond.

Well, in 2006 Pepper suddenly died at home unexpecantly so that left Rocky and Sidney.

Rocky decided he did not want to be a cat any longer and decided to act like a dog. He began to beg for food and would eat people food which he never did before.

Rocky had a unique talent for opening doors
and used it every chance he had!

He would jump up and wrap his paws around the knob and twist his body while hanging onto the know and open the door.

Rocky and Sidney became partners in crime and would been seen regularly outside of our house without being left out.

Rocky could open about any type of door as he got older and would go out with Sidney when ever it was not raining or snowing out.

A few months ago I was coming home with my son and he yelled Rocky’s out. When Rocky saw my truck he made a beeline for the door and left himself back inside the house so no one
would know he went out.

Rocky was an amazying cat and a great companion! He would wait with Sidney at the door for me to come home from work. Once home and changed he would sit on my chair with me until it was time for bed. Once it was bedtime he was on my right side for the night.

Sadly Rocky got sick on Monday and was taken to the vet’s. He was given a few shots and once at home seemed to be doing a little better! This morning his breathing was labored and my wife and I took him to the vets. They gave us bad news that Rocky had a growth in his trachea and due to his age (16) surgey was too much of a risk which left us with no other choice but, to put him down.

I had to make that decision with Hondo and I still feel guilt about that even though I know it was for the best.

My wife and I sat with him and said our goodbye’s and then stayed while he was given the injection. I saw him leave this earth! I am so saddened by his passing!!!!!!!

I know that as time goes on I will feel less pain and grief but, there will never be another ROCKY.

You were the best my boy and
I cannot wait to see you again!

I am sure Rocky is with Hondo,
Pepper and Oscar getting reacquainted.

That you my boy for being a great Boy!!!!

I love you!!!!!!!!


With all my love and saddness,
Todd & Lisa Owens