Rollieover by Sarah / Sarah xxxxxx

I remember when you came to stay with me. When I was little, I was so excited your owner was going away for 2 weeks and I begged him for you to stay with me. He said you were a kitten and when he brought you over you were a fully grown cat. You were rolling over happily that’s why you were called Rollieover. You were so strong back then. Then the day came when it was time for you to go and I didn’t want you, too.

My dad told Roger (your owner at the time ) that I had become really attached to you and he said I could keep you. I was so happy. I loved looking after you. You were mistreated in your life before you came to us. You were a stray before Roger. You had had a tough life. You were used to sleeping outside in the cold on a mattress and I would wake up in the morning and you were outside asleep.

I would bring you into the warm onto my bed and bathe your bleeding ears when you had been fighting. You were such a Hansom boy there will never be another you. You are special and funny and had a great personality. You would do tall ones standing up in the air.

I remember you were in the kitchen and if you were not fed when you wanted you would chase me up the stairs and scratch my ankle. I will always love you, darling. We will meet again!


ill never forget you,