Romeo by Jason Friel / Dad

You came into my life because you were with a bully.

What happened next I cannot explain fully.

You grabbed onto my heart and wouldn’t let go.

I decided to call you my Romeo.

Every time I saw you my heart would melt.

I loved the way your kishesh felt.

With my assistance you were able to climb.

Playing fetch was your favorite past time.

You would like to challenge the kids in a fight.

But roll on your back to say everything was alright.

At night you would sing for all to hear.

We miss that sound that we heard loud and clear.

My heart has just begun to grieve.

You left us too early, I believe.

Your memory is with me wherever I roam.

In my heart you will always have a home.

I don’t understand why this was God’s plan.

I do know that you will always be my little man.


16, Oct 2005
Jason Friel