Roo by Jaimee Givens / Roo’s people

About six months after my husband and I married, I wanted to get a kitten. He put his foot down and gave me a resounding “NO!!”…he didn’t like cats. Well, I won, and a few weeks later, I purchased Roo from a local pet store. We went to the store after buying her to pick up a few more kitty items, and my husband waited in the car with her. That was all it took…she won him over! Everyone in my family became attached to Roo very quickly. She was the queen of the house,
even bossing around the dogs!

We made a move two years ago to our home in the country. All the animals loved it here, with lots of room to roam and fun places to play. Roo would sit on the front porch in the sunshine during the day and then came on the enclosed back porch to sleep at night
with her best cat friend, Rescue.

Tonight, October 7, 2002, Roo was hit by a car while running across the street. We have no idea why she was not on the porch, but she darted across the road right in front of a car. My husband was driving that car. Roo was able to crawl to the front porch, her favorite place to laze, and my husband found her dead by the time he reached her.

Roo now has been buried on our property, and I plan to memorialize her resting spot with a nice little tree. My heart is heavy as I type this because I know I will never again hold my Roo Roo or listen to her purr as I rub her ears. My only solace is knowing she died fast and did not suffer. I will always keep a little spot in my heart for this special, loving animal.


Love forever,
Jaimee Givens