Rory by Kathi


Quiet measure quiet measure
With your soft shining eyes
Your reticent constancy
Your loyal happiness
You gave your world to me
Sweet innocent joy.

So hushed your approach so hushed
I didn’t hear you coming.
I didn’t know who you could be
But there you were
Sitting in the rain
Waiting for my return.

I remember I remember
Days and nights of fire and glory
Cavernous changes we side stepped
Together as if we had always been
and would always be
just the two of us.

Those glistening eyes search
Search my face
For the wordless way to
Say good-bye.
Falling through the breach
Of senses we understand.
How can it be now
That you should leave me?

As if you always knew always knew
That I would keep my promise
To shield our pact
Safeguard our devotion
Until you sail away on starlight.
Leaving me on shore alone.

Giving always giving your ways
The silence too deep
Colors fade in retreat
Like a shaft of light spread
in the forest
There will be too many shadows
Without you.

K.A. Bloom


17, Aug 2001