Rosco by Don & Nancy Lancor /
Daddy & Mommy

Happy 13th Birthday Baby Boy Angel Roo.
Our hearts and Arms, still after 6 wks, ache so terribly for you. It is so hard sweet baby not to see those big brown eyes and sweet little smile and the touch of that little black cold nose on my leg. Or your little paw touch our leg so that we would pick you up and let you wiggle up under our chin, all 8# of you. Miss your little dance when you wanted your treats or that you were so happy when mommy & daddy would come through the door.
This isn`t really much of a poem, but I couldn`t get into the “Reflections” part of this site and so wanted to for your Birthday little man.
We so wanted you to know what an impact you made on our lives in such a short time. We never knew what unconditional love was all about until you taught us. You have a very special place all of your own in Daddy`s & in my heart.
Your brother Ziggy & Zarah still respect your favorite place in the yard, they still will not do their jobs in your space. They miss you too sweet baby. They take turns laying in your bed, and have such a sad far off look in their eyes. The day after you left us for the Bridge, both Zig and Zar where laying in your bed, off and on all day and wouldn`t eat for 2 days. I was really getting worried about them because as you well know that little Zarah girl isn`t too well either. you both got sick around the same time, she is better now. You know that Ziggy & Zarah aren`t too far behind you in age. Zig will be 11 the 9th of July and Zarah will be 10 October 4th.
Well our sweet angel baby boy Roo, you run and play with all the fur babies and watch for Ziggy, Zarah, Frisco “kitty” and daddy & mommy. Time sure flies fast here on earth, so don`t you get to playing too hard and forget to check on us all. We will be looking for you when our times come so that you can help us to cross over, so that we will all be together as one big happy family again.

With All Our Love Always Sweet Angel Boy Roo.


With All Our Love In This Life & The Next
16, Feb 2003
Don & Nancy Lancor