Roscoe by Gail F. Cloutier / Gail,Dale,Lucy

Roscoe (little puppy) came into our lives when Walter D passed away at the age of 18 years. He was a wirehaired dachshund also. My longhaired dachshund Lucy was so lonesome, so enter Roscoe. What a character! He lite up everyone’s lives, both human and canine. He had that gleam in his eye and an attitude that said, “here I am, you must now give me total devotion and playtime.” He thought exercise was the silliest thing humans came up with but would grudgingly go as far as the mailbox; however, when he turned around, we practically flew home. Roscoe loved his fluffy baseball “binky” and slept with it. It was bigger than he was, but he loved it. His multicolored fluffy jack was his favorite toy. He would bring this toy, drop it in front of you, watch you and when you grabbed for it, he would put his foot on it! This was his game. He was a lover of all humans, a charmer, a tease and most of all, a wonderful companion for us all.

Roscoe passed away at a very early age from Glomerial nephritis, cause unknown. He was a trooper, fighter and loved life. Roscoe has left an unbearable hole in all of our lives and hopefully someday we will meet again and spend forever together.


With love to Roscoe forever
27, May 2005
Gail F. Cloutier