Rose by Kathryn / Kathryn

I never had a hamster before but I had a minor surgery and my Mother asked me if I wanted a hamster I said yes so I went to our local pet store got one. Daisy looked so small in her cage we decided to get her a friend, two days later I went back to the same pet store with my Father and bought Rose. Daisy and Rose didn’t get a long after a while so we ended up separating them. Rose ended up becoming my best friend she would cuddle with me, sleep on me even on top of my shoulder, run around on my parents bed and she was fast at times. She loved everything food (Especially my Mother’s eggplant), being with me just to be held or take a nap I would carry her around the whole house take her everywhere with me except outside I was just afraid that something bad would happened to her.

She never showed any signs of old age until the night before she died she was very shaky and then the next night she felt like ice and not soon after that she died in my Mother’s hands. I have gotten a new hamster since then but it’s not the same she’s cute and everything but she isn’t like my little girl I miss her terribly every day. I had a heart shape pendant made up with Rose’s picture on it and I wear it every single day since I’ve gotten it so I can have her close to my heart.