Rosie by Jacki / Jacki

** When I heard my dog, Rosie, had to be put to sleep I cried.
I kissed her head and I couldn’t believe I’d never see her after that day.
She’s just a dog I kept telling myself.
I went upstairs and looked for pictures of her.
It was like I was already forgetting her.
then I realized that she wasn’t just a dog to me,
she was like the little sister I never had.
I remember when I was 4 and we just got her.
She was scared of the grass.
I told her it was okay and finally she trusted me.
She was always happy
so happy
it didn’t seem like she could ever be sad.
I grew up with her and shared so many good times with her.
when it was lightning and she was scared,
I was there.
When I was sad and mad at everything,
she came over
wagging her tail and smiling.
There is no other dog like my dog.
They are truly man’s best friend **

I love my dog Rosie so much. She had heart failure and hip problems, but she still went on. In the end it got to be too much and she could bearly walk. I am happy tho, I’m happy she is in heaven and has no pain whatsoever. God bless her


With much luv,
25, Aug 2003