Rosie by LuAn / LuAn

My granddaughter always called Rosie, Rosie the dog….she’s only 3 1/2…..I’ve had Rosie for almost 13 years. She was almost blind, arthritic & had trouble breathing. My daughter took her and had her put to sleep last week because I couldn’t & wouldn’t do it. I guess I was not ready. I would give anything to have her back for just 1 day. She was my constant companion and only child since my youngest son went away to college. She was the sweetest dog I have ever known and I know in my heart that God must have a special place for her and I hope that I will get to see her again. She was more than just a dog. She was almost like a human in so many ways, better ways than a lot. I miss her so much that I can hardly breathe. I just hope I have done the right thing.


I love you Rosie,