April 1984 —– December 30 1999

Two days before the start of the new Century

I had to finally say goodbye to the love of my life.

Rosie made it clear that she had decided it was time for us to part.

She had been ill for the last 18 months first with Heart problems

then she got septicemia from another cat biting her

Then she got a Thrombosis. Then hyperthyroidism

after that it was high blood pressure followed by Glaucoma

so she lost the sight of one eye.

All that time she NEVER gave up on herself; she still enjoyed life right up

to the end and I promised that I would never give up on her

until she made the decision for me.

Well last week she finally told me it was time.

I gave Rosie lots of hugs over Christmas time and she had a good one.

Scrounging duck from the table and I cooked her some turkey for herself

although of course she wanted “our” duck!

I took some pictures of her at the table.

But on Dec 30th she went downhill very rapidly and we finally had to part.

I spent over 15 years fussing about that cat.

Be it the odd times she decided to go “walk about” and I wandered

the fields all night looking for her only to find her waiting

at home for me when I got back

(Having spent a nice evening watching the late film with a neighbour)

or these last 18 months when she has needed medication.

Manx are odd cats. My mother got our first Manx when I was 12 years old

and I have had them around the house ever since.

They are more like dogs in temperament and get very attached to one person.

Years ago when I told Andy I was getting a Manx he said

he wanted a “Proper cat” with a tail.

It took her no time at all to convince him that “proper” cats

arrive minus tails full of fun and determination.

I was Rosies human and she never let me forget it or ignore the fact. 🙂

On the first day I got her as an 8 week old kitten she set the ground rules

by screaming outside the bedroom door until I agreed

she could sleep on the bed with me.

If I tried to ignore her (if I was watching TV or something)

she would climb up and take my glasses off

so I couldn’t see the TV or book.

If I ignored that she would either softly bite my chin or

stick her nose firmly in my ear and then yell very loudly 🙂

If I went away for a weekend leaving her being looked after by someone else

when I got back she would punish me for deserting her by going AWOL

herself for 24 hours just to see how I liked it!

(Once I figured why she was doing it I would shut her in for a day

until she got over her fit of pique.)

If I ever told her off for something she would trot out the cat door

turn right around and walk back in a couple of seconds later

as if nothing had happened. Obviously hoping that I would think

the guilty party had been another cat!

When we moved house she objected she had never met stairs

and wasn’t about to let me sleep upstairs if she was downstairs.

She protested loudly for 2 hours! The resulting battle was won

by her of course when I finally agreed to sleep

downstairs on the sofa with her…

For a week! Until she felt safe looking out of those

high windows I had to stay downstairs.

I have found that there is a rose bush called “Manx Queen”

so I will plant a flower bed full of them for her.

Plus the rose called “Hunter” as she never stopped hunting

even when old and doddery. I got told that my neighbour saw her

only a few weeks ago up at his field looking for Rabbits

even if she could only see them and not chase them!

I may plant some “Queen of Roses” as well.

I’ll be pleased when I get her ashes home.

It will be nice to have her back where she belongs.

When I finally shuffle off this mortal coil

her ashes will go with mine so we will still be together.