Rox by Kim / mommy aka Kimmy

To you rox
I never thought the day would come
when you would have to go.
You were a really great dog
who played in the fog
and never had a foe.

I know you’re in a better place
where you don’t get kicked around
A couple of times when you got lost,
you were always found.

The day that you were put to sleep,
it was really hard on me!
I cried all night.
I don’t know why
it was so hard for me to see.

We have been together
ever since we both were young.
We laughed and played
it’ll never fade
we even sometimes sung.

Even though you are gone
you will never be forgotten
and there is one thing I want you to know
I love you and we stuck
together even when things got rotten.

Just don’t forget me or my family
there is one way we can meet!
We will see each other in heaven,
where we can laugh and play and greet.

As I’m sure you know I am 12 going on 13.
I really hope you realize what all of these words mean.

It is offical.
You will always be in my heart
and when I get a locket
we will never be a part!


I really miss you rox and you will always be on my mind!!!
I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!
5, June 2003