Roxanne by Laura and Brian / Everyone

Roxanne was a beautiful dog, She was so Friendly and like a Big teddy bear. She loved to cuddle and Give her paw and Put her paw on your shoulder to Hug you. She Was Playful she chase sticks and her favorite time of the year was Winter She Loved the snow. and Also Like to cuddle near the fireplace, roxanne had A tumor on her front leg and it turn out to be cancer 🙁
We did all we could until July 23. 2004
which was a day before our 5th wedding anniversary. she had pass on. We Were with her and was giving her kisses and telling how much we are so Proud of her and she kiss me (mommy) and then close her eyes. it was the hardest thing i ever watched. I miss her more then ever and My Family and friends do too, she was our baby.
Things are not the same anymore around here without her. She loves cheeseburgers and Taking long rides in the car. which we took her for a long ride on the 22nd of july. we knew time was shorter.
We love Roxanne She Was The most Wonderful and Smart well behaved dog Ever….

Sadly missing you Roxi.

and your sisters
Sabrina (Cockerspanial)
Mandy(German Shepard)
Dusty (cockapoo)
Rosie (Teacup poodle)
Tabitha(Cocker Spanial)

And We just got Max (Pug)
Which Wants to say : He loves you too and
Wish he got to meet you…
and Great Grandma (Lillian)

Grandma (Helen)
Grandma (jeannette)
Grandpa (jerry)

And Uncle Gene & Aunt Anne.

And all of your other Aunts..

We Miss you….


Laura and Brian