Roxie by Bill and Maylene Dingler / Mommy and Daddy

Precious Roxie today marks 13 months without you and we love you so very much. I was reading about “service dogs” recently – how they are trained to defecate and urinate upon command – and I remember how you always were trained to do that – never realizing that was a special talent you had – it was just you – of course I always had to be there with you but that was O.K. – I wanted to be there and tell you “what a good girl” you were.

It certainly made it easy for us to take you everywhere we went – all of our happy travels together after we retired – and easy to leave you alone in our motel – knowing that you did your little “duties” when I told you to – how smart you were. The first time you scratched the cover off your Daddy and barked in his face to get him up he thought – What is it with Roxie? – she never has to go outside in the middle of the night – and upon arising he realized he had a problem with low sugar (you know of course he is diabetic) and then sweet baby you just cuddled down and went right back to your “snoring” – this happened a number of times but the next time he realized what you were doing. Thank You for taking care of him….He still gets tears in his eyes (when he thinks I’m not looking) over you.

We both will always love you so much and miss you until we meet again – 13 long sad months without you – every moment of every day of every year with you is cherished within our hearts – Kisses to you our sweet (and much loved) baby –


With all our love forever,
Bill and Maylene Dingler