Roxy by Josh / Your Family

For Puppy
Thursday, January 1, 2004

It seemed that no matter what you did
You always seemed to make us smile.
We would laugh at your little flag tail
And you would just stand there clueless all the while

The way you shut your eyes so tight
When we came home late and blinded you with the light
You acted so brave, and stayed outside while the rain poured
Yet as soon as the thunder came, you could expect the pounding at the door

You ate what no one could imagine
Grease, pizza, chocolate, kitty poop and wood
And then that classic moment of the Tabasco sauce
And Dad trying to “Fix You Good”

Marshmallow stickies caught in your ears
And tinsel string hanging from your butt
We loved you more and more throughout the years
You and that ever-increasing gut

She was brave when she needed to be
And sometimes, even smart
You would swear she was almost human
And she took the blame for a lot of farts

But besides all that, put away all the silly stuff
There was just a little loving puppy
That we loved so much

Puppy we loved you, and we always will
We never thought that you would part
Please know that anything we did
Came from straight from our hearts

A lot of names we had to call her
Fatso, stupid, puppy and roller
She was pretty and loved Toshy
And she will always be our little Roxy.


With All Our Love,
1, Jan 2004