Ruby by Karen Lee Ehresman

After the loss of our cat four years ago
I had a strong feeling to visit the local shelter
and I announced this at the supper table
“I’m going to see if I can find another cat tomorrow.”
I went and looked but no kitty and I made a connection.

I had never owned a dog however
I went into the dog room for a look and
to say hello to the poor things.
One caught my eye as she looked just
like a chocolate lab – a type of dog I always liked.
I said hello to her and kept moving down the line.
Suddenly I heard a whimper and
when I turned around the chocolate lab wannabe was
bowing her head and raising her paw to me.
We fell in love right then and there.
I filled out the papers and took her home!

She immediately made herself at home and part of our family.
At the end of the week she had a vet appointment.
The vet asked me
“How do you feel about puppies?”
I said “She is a spayed female…”
The vet begged to differ and 2 weeks later Ruby delivered 9 puppies!

That is the story of how Ruby came to be in my life.
The way she left my life was a shock.
Yesterday morning I got up at 5:45 and
called to her to let her out. She didn’t come.
I went to her pillow and she appeared to be asleep in her favorite position
yet “my girl my Ruby” was not asleep she was dead.
My heart & soul screamed in grief.
She was not sick had played at the park the day before
had been eating fine etc.

The night before my husband had let her out for the usual
let her in and said goodnight just like always
we had no clue!!
We never knew her exact age
but with the vet’s help we determined
she was about 6 to 8 yrs old now.
She was ours for the past 4 years.

Ruby was a great dog and I will always feel
that it was some type of divine intervention
that had sent me to the shelter that cold February day.
I was rewarded a million times over for rescuing her
and will always be thankful that I had such a beautiful dog to love.
The story of how she and I came
to be “friends”
will always be a part of our family history.

I know in time I will be comforted by memories and
to know she died peacefully in her sleep on her own pillow….
but right now my grief is very painful.
Little things are the hardest…
the leash hanging on the hook
her not being at my feet or following me constantly
her nose nudging me for a cookie…
the things that are just part of life with a dog.
I have always likened the story of Ruby and
I to a love story…and this one has a sad ending.
I have had this quote on my fridge for months.
It is by Charles Ogburn.

“Happiness to a dog is what lies on the other side of a door.”

Goodbye “My Ruby Girl.” Rest In Peace.

Thank you
for reading my words and
allowing me some release for my grief.



Karen Lee Ehresman