Rudi by John & Estelle Whelan / Estelle

Rudi came into our lives when we rescued him from the city pound. One day away from being put down. When I saw him I just knew. I said to my husband John he’s coming home with us. No name, no history and
no one to love him.

I came up with the name taught him how to walk on a leash play and go on many, many hikes. Swim in the river on a hot day and always have a loving happy home. Rudi brought love to me in a way I had never known. Rudi got cancer and I had to make the decision to let him go with dignity as we promised him and us. I will forever be changed by how he touched my life and the loyalty he gave me. I miss my companion so terribly my heart aches.

Forever Faithful Forever at Peace.

Until we hike again my Rudi.


Always part of my heart,
John & Estelle Whelan