Rudolph by Danielle / Mummy

On a very sad day in january 2008.
One that I don’t like to remember.
My goldfish Rhudi died.
Rhudi I only got you Dasher and Comet a few weeks before you died.
You only lived for a few weeks.
You wre all poorly fish.
Dasher and Comet pulled through.
You sadly died.
Why were you all sick.
What went wrong.
I think you may have had lack of oxygen.
I got you an airator
I was too late.
I brought the air stone home.
You were already dead.
while I was buying the air stone you died.
I knew when I saw you.
The other two may not pull through.
I was crying.
Dasher and Comet nearly joined you.
Somehow they were strong enough.
They managed to pull through.
I lost you.
I love you Rudolph.
I called you Rhudi for short.
You were a happy fish.
Always swimming.
My heart is broke.
For you stopped swimming that day.


I love you Rhudi,
12, Jan 2008