Rudy by Audrey Frank / Your only Mom, Lummy

I knew it was time to get a cat. I have always been a cat person. I found you in a hangar at a ranch. There were many of your family around you. Most of you were wild. But you were the only run that ran up to me. I picked you up, you started purring. I took you home. I named you Rudy. You had many nicknames.
But you were “My Boy..”, “My Boy Cat”..Your life was good. You were a special kitty. Your personality, your looks and especially your love for me as I LOVED you SOOO much. You had a good home.
I am so sorry, so sorry that your life was taken by a cruel individual. You were SHOT! I have a suspicion who it is. I am glad you found your way home and hung on til I got home and found you! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND MISS YOU SO MUCH !!!

I have read other tributes where we would give anything to have our pets back. The emptiness. I miss holding your little paw, you sleeping with me. I wake up and at times I feel I can’t go on. But I must. I don’t have a choice. I look forward to the day we will meet, to NEVER be parted again.
I love you, Rudy. Miss you.
You are forever in my thoughts!


Everlasting True Love,
Audrey Frank