Rufus by Julia (his owner’s grandaughter) / Julia

Even in his old age, Rufus was an excitable dog. Whenever I would visit my grandparent’s house, he would shake his behind in an attempt to wag where his tail would be.

As a little kid, I would try to ride Rufus like a horse until I learned that dogs are designed differently. Before I had a dog of my own, I would practice taking care of him and – of course – playing. I would follow him into the deep woods outside my grandparents house
until I got twigs all over myself.

Though he acted like a doofus (thus the title), he always had time for family. He was always there when we opened presents on holidays.

Unfortuntely, the vet discovered that there was liquid filling up in one of his major organs (I forget which). They said that if they drained it, it would just keep coming back. Alas, we put him to rest.
We miss you, Roofie!


Always a hoot,
Julia (his owner's grandaughter)