I don’t know where to start
where do I begin?
This feeling of complete
sadness envelopes me
like being caught in the
rain and the wind.

I miss you old Rufus I miss you so much without you I feel stranded like a one legged man missing his crutch.
Sometimes I can hear you your bark echoes through my veins and I still miss you on those walks past Dixon’s in Staines. But never fear dear Rufus that will never do
for soon I will join you
as I am 92(yrs).

You may be feeling lonely
just as I am too but your wait
will not be long
for I am 92(yrs).

Wait by that bridge and look out for your master listen for my footsteps call me and I will come faster.

This sadness I feel and dismay overwhelmes me. Please wait for me there and don’t go over without me. I need you old Rufus to be there by my side and we’ll cross over together that bridge which is wide.

Until that day dear Rufus be patient and wait I know that you miss me just as I miss you mate. Remember sweet Rufus that I’ll ne’er forget you your smell and your hair and the time I first met you.

Dear Rufus sweet Rufus
please wait for me do
I promise I’ll be there
soon for I am 92(yrs).

Have patience Rufus.

Love always



14, Jan 2002